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There will be plenty of gifts to go around for AMC fans this December. "We get to play Santa," enthuses MMT.

"Erica comes into the baby story in a wonderful way. The Montgomery-Kane family takes center stage toward the end of December. It'll be a Christmas that nobody will forget." Does Bianca get Miranda back? "What viewers have been wanting to see, they're going to see."

AMC will tape scenes at SSW in Florida that will air the first week of December. "You're going to see JR sing at a concert. David and Krystal are there. Tad is there. Babe and Jamie are there with JR's son. The concert sets in motion a whole lot of things."

"David's falling for Krystal, no doubt about it. Tad makes a very surprising choice which affects his relationship with Brooke, his relationship with Kendall(????), his relationship with JR. Adam makes a huge choice which affects everybody."

"Zach will do just about anything to protect his son, yet he really loves this woman (Maria) and wants to love her again."

Viewers will find out "what's wrong with Greenlee and where it will lead in terms of who shot Ryan and who is out to get Ryan. You're going to see some astonishing things that Kendall does. The friendship between these women is not dead."

To sum up? "Payoff, payoff, payoff," promises MMT. "Everything gets bigger, deeper, stronger."

Rebecca Budig previews Thanksgiving. Jack and Erica host Thanksgiving dinner at the Valley Inn. "it's pure chaos," she says. "Kendall brings Ethan, so Greenlee's upset about that. Derek's upset about Reggie and Danielle. Everyone's fighting. "Greenlee ends up leaving the party early because she's all crazy and whacked out." Still? "She's thinking maybe she is going crazy," offers Budig. "It's got to be something. The blood test is showing her that it's not anything in her blood. So she's thinking she's lost her mind." Or maybe that's just want someone wants her to believe.

Sneak Peeks:
Maria can't stop thinking about Zach.

Tad realizes Krystal is still in love with him.

Erica and Jacks Thanksgiving dinner turns sour.

Thanksgiving Day: An encore of JR finding Babe and Bianca in bed.

Can't Miss: Monday, Nov. 22
Babe freaks when she realizes Bianca doesn't know Bess is Miranda.

Week Of November 29: Erica has an interesting propostion for Jack. Kendall saves Greenlee from a deadly fate. Tad comforts Jamie and Babe. JR issues a strong warning to David.
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