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sorry .. where I found them.. they don't have Monday ..

Tuesday November 23, 2004
JR finds himself having to deal with double trouble when Kendall and Bianca team up in an effort to lure him into a trap.

Wednesday November 24, 2004 (Explosive Thanksgiving Episode)
It’s a Thanksgiving to remember when Erica and Jack hot a very special dinner. But the guests may get more than they bargained for when chaos erupts! Erica and Jack are prepared for a lovely meal that’s just not meant to be. Before the last bit of cranberry sauce is devoured, Derek loses his cool, blasting away at Reggie and Danielle. Then it’s sister vs. sister as Kendall and Bianca have it out, leading to Ms. Hart’s threats to fill in JR on some crucial information. Ethan has his own news, telling Erica about Greenlee’s attempt to turn Kendall into road kill. Trying to explain his sister-in-law’s actions, Jonathan reveals Greenlee’s recent mental episodes. Needing more than turkey, an off-balance Greenlee heads over to Fusion, where she gets weirder by the moment and prepares her next -- potentially life threatening -- move. Thanksgiving is chaotic all over town as enemies gather at the Chandler mansion. JR invites chaos to the Chandler mansion when he "welcomes" David, Krystal, Tad and Brooke for dinner. Tad and Adam argue about Stuart, Opal snipes at Krystal, and everyone's angry at David and Krystal, making Bess' first Thanksgiving one to remember.

Meanwhile, Babe and Jamie, far away from the craziness of Pine Valley, enjoy a warm and loving Thanksgiving with baby James. But how long will it be before the storms brewing up north make their way to then? As Bianca heads from her mother’s to pick up the cell phone she left at JR’s, the phone rings -- it’s Babe trying to get in touch with Bianca. David runs to the underground tunnel to call his daughter, Babe, only to be caught by Tad, who demands to know where the kids are. Tad threatens to reveal what he knows when David refuses to give up Jamie’s whereabouts. With no answers forthcoming, Martin leaves to tell JR the truth -- the whole truth -- just as Bianca comes in to find her phone.

Thursday November 25 , 2004
NO EPISODE. [Thanksgiving]

Friday November 26, 2004

Monday November 29, 2004
Erica goes to her beau with a very interesting proposition.

Tuesday November 30, 2004
Kendall continues to serve as Greenlee’s unlikely savior, when she once again swoops in to save the life of Ryan’s wife.

Wednesday December 1, 2004
Ryan finally puts all the pieces together and realizes what’s behind his wife’s bizarre symptoms: Someone is poisoning Greenlee! But can he figure who?

Thursday, December 2, 2004
Tad confronts Jamie and Babe, will they listen to what he has to say?

Friday, December 3, 2004
David finds himself being confronted by Babe's husband, who uses some pretty harsh words while issuing Hayward a warning. JR threatens David.
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