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out of curiosity....

Anyone watch One Life to Live today and see the part with Kelly and Bianca? I saw about three seconds (just Bianca saying she didn't want to give Kelly Babe's digits). No recaps on the One Life to Live community (boo!) so hopefully someone here caught it. Thanks :-)
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I havent watched it yet...but when I do, if no one else has posted yet, Ill Let ya know what happened.
I watched the whole episode today.
what do you want to know?
just whatever led up to and the part with Kelly and Bianca talking. Someone earlier posted that Kelly apparently "knows everything," but I want specifics :-)
okay this might be a little long...
Krystal called Kelly to tell her that Ace was alright and Kelly recognized her voice to David and her looked up Krystal Kerry and found out she lived in PV. They tracked her down and went to visit her but she just shooed them off saying she had no idea what they were talking about.

So then David and Kelly left and stopped for something to eat and Bianca was there and she ran into Krystal and Kelly saw them talking so once Krystal left she went over to Bianca. Kelly told Bianca that she knew Krystal's daughter Babe and they went way back, so then Bianca explained that Babe got married to JR Chandler and has a daughter Bess, and then Kelly was like oh I need to talk to her.. can I have her number? And Bianca told her she didn't feel comfortable giving out Babe's personal info.

After that Kelly left and in the car she told David that she thinks that Babe's son is Ace and that the daughter Babe has is really Bianca and Paul must have switched them because he doesnt have the best morals.

i hope that helped a little : )
isn't it weird how after 5 minutes in Pine Valley Kelly can figure everything out and it took everyone else 8 months?
well I don't know if you know this or not, but both Babe and Krystal had gone to Llanview to visit Kelly at least four times before, so once she saw Babe's picture on the internet on an article about a plan crash on the same night that Paul gave her Ace, she knew what happened(something else i forgot to mention, sorry!). It might make more sense now that you know that, haha.. not like any of this is realistic anyway.
No yeah I know.... I was just thinking that today watching one life to live and when Kelly was figuring it out and it didn't take her that long... I just thought it was ironic that she could figure it out so fast, they really don't give her enough credit! I'm just excited that know at least someone outside the "Sacred" (translated as Tad, Krystal, and David) that knows.
Does that make more sense?
oh yeah, i get what you mean.
they made it seem like it all just kind of hit her.. i mean she had to be thinking of it beforehand, or at least in real life you would think she would at least suspect something before that instance since krystal and babe just "randomly" showed up and hung around Ace.
I don't know... (if she would be thinking about it) She was really occupied with other things like not having custody of Ace that it made it seem like that was the only thing on her mind... And wouldn't people want to see your baby if he was as cute as Ace? Granted they wouldn't be asking questions like "Is he really your child?" But she just seemed occupied with other things then thinking about some stranger that you met at a diner... But I guess Krystal really said something to make her remember her. Were they hanging? I can't remember if they had only seen Kelly once or not... I know she must have believed Babe's story because Kelly being a mother herself would have. Make sense?
yep : )
Damn, I just read the comment and was about to reply saying the same thing you did. Beat me to it!