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Friday Recap

PV Burrito Bar & Hospital
Greens & Ryan meet Dr. Ashbourne, shrink
for "newbie whack jobs around here"

Kendalls Condo
Ethan's made breakfast complete with "wicked Hollandaise"
*knock knock* enter Binx and Zach

On the road again
Babe to Krystal on the phone
"Please tell me Miranda is back in Bianca's arms"

dodeedeedo dodeedeedo
*flip hair*

David's Cabin
Krystal tells Babe that everything is fine, but Babe knows better from the sound
in her mother's voice. "Did you lose Tad?"
David, in the doorway of the cabin, overhears as Krystal explains she's caused Tad to
lose his son, something she should be horse whipped for. David picks up the phone and
tells Babe that while he's not mad at her, she has to "listen to me, this is very important,
you can't PHONE HOME"
ET is David's daughter???
Babe "I love you Daddy", she hangs up and tell's Jamie everything is FAR from ok.
Krystal rants at David for hanging up before she could say goodbye, but David explains
they have to be careful or the kids will be caught.
Krystal "I hate this . . . I hate every stinking minute of it"

Kendall's Condo
Ethan SNARKS at Zach for not being there for him
Zach - "if I can help . . ."
Ethan "You can BUGGER OFF"
Bianca asks to speak with Ethan privately outside
Zach smirks at Kendall "you bought him, gonna keep him??"

At BJ's
Bobby is spinning about some super dupper new investment to The Crypt Keeper and Lady Bunny,
enter Anita, who let's fly that Puggy called to say that the land grab deal was off - and if that's
so, "what did you use to buy the house with?" Bobby (way overacting) "Everything I did, I did for
you . . . I never slept with Greenlee" Palmer, hearing NO good news in all of this, tells Bobby
that "My faith in you is sadly misplaced" Bobby spits that he's just Palmer's bastard grandchild,
then rounds on Anita for ruining him, "what do you want?"
Anita "I want you to sign the divorce papers"

At the hospital (where life is always a blast)
Greenlee jokes with the doc that "My husband is so sweet, he has me cast as the star
of the Insanity Channel"
*call your cable operator today*
and she goes off to have her first session
Enter Lil Bro into the waiting room, all 'Mr. Oh look at me, so concerned about my sister-in-law
who I'm trying to kill so I can rule the world mawhaaaaaaaaaaa cause we're family!
And Ryan GOES. OFF. ON. HIS. ASS. "I asked YOU to watch her!"
dude, don't kill me, I'm Lil Bro, I've a fan base . . . somewhere
Ryan laments that asking Jonathan "was a bad call, you left her alone TWICE"
dude, her brains are fried, she's a whacked out psycho hose beast
ah, but she IS a hose beast?
Inside with the doc, Greens explains that her mother is a "high class tramp who
collects men the way she collects shoes"
*pardon me, shoes can be resoled*
and that her "father" Roger is dead
*see, shoes are better*
and that Jack is too new on the scene to make an impact
*but will buy her new shoes - it's a trade off*


Baaaaaaaaaaak at Kendalls Condo of Wicked Hollandaise
Bianca asks Ethan to consider that Zack lied about being his father. She further suggests
that he get Joe Martin to run a new DNA test, as Joe can be trusted.
Ethan "you're speaking from experience?" He goes on to explain it's a bad idea,
cause if Zach IS his father it means
waxing my back for the rest of my life
that Zach denied being his father and could be setting him up
for the shooting of Ryan.
Bianca "you think?"
Ethan "that Zach is the shooter"
All Ethan wants to do is clear his name and get out of this burg, but Binx asks him about Kendall and
awwwwwwwww, he really has feelings for her and it's just so damn cute!
She promises him that both she and Kendall will be there for him.

While inside . . .
Zach lays it on THICK that Ethan has to leave town, for his own good and that Kendall has
to give him a reason to run
"Unless your keeping him here for . . . " her own needs, cause he noticed that
"your selfish and needy with men and to hell with everyone else!!!"
Kendall "no one cares a flying fig what you think"
Zach, smirks and looks FAR too sexy "Next time you feel lonely, don't go to the jail . . . . I'll make you feel like a woman!"

pardon me
deep breath
ok, I'm better

Zach and Binx have left. Ethan comes back in, starts to kiss Kendall, but she pushes him away and asks you as good in bed as your dad seems?
if he wouldn't be better off getting out of town while he can.

High on a mountain
Krystal 'my baby girl, my darlin angel' - how giving her Bess has "damned her to hell"
*I checked, hell is busy, try next week*
She's torn up (again) and cries to David (again) "Are we ever gonna see our daughter again?"
David comforts her, he's here to help, support, and
um, I feel dirty now

Baaaaaaaaa (ever notice how we always slide more toward the end of the recap?) aaaaaaaaaack
at the Hospital
Lil Bro tells Ryan "you reminded me of the old man"
Ryan says that he just wished Jonathan "had been straight with me"
ah, so he IS gay, what till I tell Maggie, squeeeeeeeeeee
While Greens explains her dynamics with Kendall, how Kendall had Ryan first, how she just
SNAPPED and tried to kill Kendall
all of a sudden everything is blurring
*checks her drink - no, Nyquil with a vodka chaser, everything in order there*
Greens sees Ryan behind the doc and reaches for him, the doc
o-0 uh, you ok?
Greens oh, uh, my vision get's blurring
(yanno, I've heard sex with Ryan has that effect on a women)
"Am I crazy? Are you going to lock me up?"
naw, he gives her 'happy pills' She and Ryan hug in the waiting room, looking VERY worried!

On the Road again
(sing it Willie)
Babe KNOWS 'thangs aint raaaaaaght' "I'm afraid something went wrong with Bianca getting her baby back"
(she's so brilliant, isn't she?)
She and Jamie (where's the baby?? Anyone see where they left the baby???) check some internet sight
for news about Binx finding Miranda - nada
Babe, SUPER CUB REPORTER FOR (whoever) calls some news source and finds out that plans for the concert, for the center IN THE MEMORY OF Miranda are in full swing
Babe "Bianca still thinks Miranda is dead!!!"

ooooooh nooooooooooooooooooo

We long pan back to BJ's
(wtf is that song? Jessie's Girl?????)
Where we find Bobby, on a cell phone
"I saw you the night of the murder game. I saw you SHOOT RYAN LAVERY"

While at another table, Bianca sits down to find her cell ringing
"Bianca? It's me, Babe"


next week

uh, sorry, but we had a breaking news story (hey, lucky me, got the whole show in first!)
all I caught was Babe telling Binx that NOTHING in her letter was a lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry all, this is my last recap in this com, please join us in
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Thanks! I have to sleep thru fridays cause of my crappy work schedule and I only caught the scenes for next week. All of which I cannot remember for the life of me at this moment.


:) <3

Zach and Binx have left. Ethan comes back in, starts to kiss Kendall, but she pushes him away and asks you as good in bed as your dad seems?

I so love you!!! I was thinking the same thing!