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An AMC Rant

Goddess give me strength. I'm SO sick of AMC.

The first thing I want to say is I don't want anyone telling me to protest. I already protested from Feb/March until Sept of this year. And when I got back nothing changed.

It is so painfully obvious that Ryan's little bro is drugging (or doing SOMETHING) Greenlee. I mean I didn't think Greenlee was so fucking stupid that she couldn't figure out that EVERYTIME she has an "episode" it's after she's taken a drink from something that he handed her! UGH! I'm so sick of her and Ryan. And I agree with whoever said it first. Ryan and Greenlee got married to stick it to Kendall, I don't think any of us are going to just start loving Greenlee because she's crazy.

BIANCA MIRANDA IS ALIVE AND SHE'S BESS! or BIANCA BESS IS MIRANDA! Either one of those lines would be acceptable to me. And I don't care who the hell says it. Just some one please say it. Someone please shout it from the top of the Enchantment building! Please! I can't fucking believe this stupid story line is going to be going on until December at the earliest. I've hated this story from the beginning. I will hate it until the end.

Bianca please go psycho on Babe's ass. She really needs to get what's coming to her. I know Binx is supposed to be all sweet and forgiving and yeah she can forgive Babe in time, but any mother who found out her daughter was alive and kept from her by her "best friend" would get all up in her "best friend's" face and let her have it. And if Bianca doesn't do it then she's not human.

Rape is not an option. If someone else gets raped on this show I think I'll kill myself. Seriously. The idea of Kendall being date raped just sickens me. Although Babe deserves it I rather have Babe get hers by Bianca then some random man.

As for the preggos go this is how I want it to be. Kendall and Ethan. Anita and Adian. Babe and Jamie.

Why is Bobby on the show? Is there any use for him? No. GET RID OF HIM! I hate Bobby. Opal and Palmer need to just get back together. They are always together anyways. And where the hell is there boy? Make him grow up and be Maddie's age. I miss little Maddie. I loved her. But then they can hook up and Sam can not like his sister dating Peter and so they can get into it and we can get some drama. lol

Edmund. WALK! Get your ass out of the chair and WALK. I mean have you noticed how your character is going NO WHERE since he got shot? I mean seriously. Just get out of the chair and walk, kick Zack's ass, and beat Maria for being a hoe.

Did anyone else have higher hopes for Jack's daughter?

Ok I think I'm done now.

On a side note Duke is so sweet and cute.
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