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I occassionally visit the message boards for AMC as each board seems to have its own feel of the show, and today I stumbled upon a post regarding some "possible spoilers." The source appears to be from someone who is thought to be close to the show, but of course, I can't vouch for any of it. Personally, I think they could easily be rumours, but at the same time, they're things I wouldn't put past McTavish, particularly the first plot point possibility. I got my information originally from this link:

- McTavish is strongly considering having Babe get raped, as a way to make the audience sympathize with her, and redeem her. Babe is supposed to be perceived as a heroine, but viewer input is mostly negative (or downright hatred of her!). McTavish feels that a Babe rape storyline is the best way to garner support for Babe, and it would also make Babe and Bianca grow close again.

- If Babe is not raped, Kendall will be date raped, it will be the first step in putting Ryan and Kendall back together again. Viewer response to Ryan and Greenlee has been all negative, or even worse - indifferent.

- Krystal and David are going to be the next older supercouple - how will Jamie react to having the evil David as his father in law?

- not long for the show are:
Jonathan (going to jail)
JR - Jacob Young wants off the sinking ship
Bobby - also wants off the sinking ship

- the writers are tossing around the idea of re-casting Laura English. Laura Allen, who played her last, is not interested in returning, as her film and television career is pretty steady. The new Laura would be a love interest for Aiden. If JR stays he may be tested with Laura as well, in a play on the Adam / Brooke relationship.

- viewers aren't going to be thrilled with the big revelation that Miranda is alive... Bianca will not go off on Babe as most would like to see - in fact she claims to understand Babe's motivations.

- Julia Barr will be bumped to recurring by spring. I am sorry to be the bearer of this bad news, as she is a truly gifted actress.

If these are true, AMC may have lost my faith completely.

Also for anyone who hasn't seen the OLTL scene with Bianca and Kendall, you can find links to some wmv clips of it at the BaBi board (Kinks thread) here: (made by Donna from the BAM board.)
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