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Thursday recap

I hate to say it, guys, but today is going to have to be my last day doing Thursday recaps. I realized, while trying to watch the show a few minutes ago and shushing my screaming kids (who never did quiet down long enough for me to hear the TV very well), trying to fit the show and recap into my hectic life before hub gets home, that it's just one more thing that I don't need to be doing. So, in order to try and simplify a bit, Thursdays are officially up for grabs.

If I happen to catch the show next week and have time for a recap, I'll try and post if nobody has claimed the day. I just can't have so many commitments anymore.

And now, on to the show!
Babe and Jamie are on the road, "James" is backward in his carseat, Babe talks about being deleriously happy, but then makes a strange comment about her wanting to be his sister. Incest, anyone? She says something about Tad and Krystal hopefully being married, to which Jamie says "when hell freezes over!" They won't be married because Tad's too good for her and won't put up with her lies, so to speak. They don't really talk about anything good, and then Babe thinks that just maybe some wires got crossed back in PV, so she says she has to go back and fix things right away.

Greenlee and Ryan go to the hospital to check the results of Greenlee's MRI. Maria tells them it's normal, but she wants them to see a psychiatrist to see if she may have some mental problems. Greenlee refuses, saying she doesn't want to have to rely on meds to feel normal, but Ryan says that it's worth the shot to fix it. Blah blah blah. This show was so boring today that it's almost painful to recap! She finally agrees.

Krystal runs into Bianca at the boat house where Bianca goes on and on about how great Babe is. *vomit* She also thinks that Babe killed Paul Cramer, which is why she had to leave so quickly without Bess. Exit Krystal, Bianca's thoughts turn to Maggie and their time at the boathouse together. Surprise surprise, enter Maggie. They take the time to plug the Enchantment Christmas line, which will be out the 29th if anyone cares. Maggie talks about Johnathan *evil glare* and how great he is, Bianca says she just wants to see Maggie happy. Maggie asks why Bianca isn't making herself happy by going to Poland to see Lena. She says something about staying to watch out for Bess.

Krystal, David and Tad are all back at David's cabin and Krystal says she wanted to tell Bianca (gee, so soon?!?) about her baby, but couldn't because Adam would hunt down Babe and Jamie. Tad, about to have a nervous breakdown, goes off on David and Krystal for (generally being terrible human beings) keeping such a horrible secret for so long and affecting so many lives. David says the truth will come out when Paul Cramer's killer is convicted, but until then they need to keep it under wraps. Tad refuses to wait. David accuses Tad of wanting to bring Babe and Jamie back just so he can see Dixie's grandchild and hold on to part of Dixie. (Tad should have decked him for that one.)

Erica meets Jackson at the airport, a day early, and they speak suggestively about taking the welcome party back to his place. Reggie and Danielle are making out on the couch, ready to "take it to the next level" when they slip off to the bedroom. Enter Jackson and Erica. Jackson walks in on the nastiness going on in the other room and freaks out. While I'm assuming Danielle was getting dressed, Jack discusses the situation with Erica. Erica says to let her handle it and treat them like adults. When R&D come back out, completely dressed (Thank GOD), Erica starts talking about Thanksgiving dinner. Reggie makes up a stupid excuse for Danielle being there, and says that she hasn't been there past 8 the whole time Jack's been gone, but Lily arrives to prove him wrong, complete with pictures! Jack and Reggie take their discussion to his bedroom, "I got burned because you were irresponsible" blah blah, while Danielle talks with Erica. She's a virgin, doesn't want Reggie to think badly of her, but not ready for sex. Great to know, really. (Can you tell I don't like these two? Actually, I like Reggie, but Danielle makes me want to gouge out my eyeballs and eat them before watching her onscreen again.) Anyway, enough with the "It's okay to wait" talk and Danielle finally leaves.

Ryan chokes Johnathan for calling Greenlee a psycho. (someone kill this guy off already!)
Greenlee to a shrink, "am I so scared of losing Ryan that it's driving me crazy?"
Bianca to Ethan, "Did it ever occur to you that Zach might be lying when he said he wasn't your father?"
Babe calls Krystal to see if Bianca has Miranda back yet.
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