Kristen (wyllow42) wrote in allmychildren,

Um... okay...

I saw the post about "mutiny," and figured if this journal happened to get deleted for such petty reasons, we could all move over to amc_addicts. I love the people of this community and would hate to lose it. :)

law_witch, would you care to co-mod? Or heck, you can main-mod if you want. :) I don't have much time these days to be the good mod that a community deserves.

EDIT: law_witch already created another community that's up and running: all_mychildren! If anyone is looking for an alternate place to reconvene, I highly recommend this one. :)
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*giggles* If she wants a mutiny she can have one!
I'm not looking to start anything, I'd just like for us all to be able to stay together if she decides to try and delete us.
Oh no I understand completely. Best to get us all in another place right now anyways. I'm just in an evil mood. Ignore me. heh.
law_witch and I made all_mychildren. It was her brainstorm ;-)
Aaah, okay. I didn't see that posted. Carry on then. :)
PLEASE join us!!

Deleted comment

Already did. :)
Joining...should I join both?
Actually, law_witch already has an alternate community up and going, all_mychildren. I only created this one so we would have a place to reconvene if our "mod" decided to delete us.

I'm going to edit my original post to reflect that hers is already more of an active community. :)
Am I missing something? What is going on with the group? I hope it doesn't get deleted.
See a few posts back, our mod came back and threatened to delete the community.
Please feel free to join us at all_mychildren

all the members are joining, the recappers are there as are live on line mods.

Hope to see you there
Yea I may join cuz I got kicked off this one.