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I occassionally visit the message boards for AMC as each board seems to have its own feel of the show, and today I stumbled upon a post regarding some "possible spoilers." The source appears to be from someone who is thought to be close to the show, but of course, I can't vouch for any of it. Personally, I think they could easily be rumours, but at the same time, they're things I wouldn't put past McTavish, particularly the first plot point possibility. I got my information originally from this link:

- McTavish is strongly considering having Babe get raped, as a way to make the audience sympathize with her, and redeem her. Babe is supposed to be perceived as a heroine, but viewer input is mostly negative (or downright hatred of her!). McTavish feels that a Babe rape storyline is the best way to garner support for Babe, and it would also make Babe and Bianca grow close again.

- If Babe is not raped, Kendall will be date raped, it will be the first step in putting Ryan and Kendall back together again. Viewer response to Ryan and Greenlee has been all negative, or even worse - indifferent.

- Krystal and David are going to be the next older supercouple - how will Jamie react to having the evil David as his father in law?

- not long for the show are:
Jonathan (going to jail)
JR - Jacob Young wants off the sinking ship
Bobby - also wants off the sinking ship

- the writers are tossing around the idea of re-casting Laura English. Laura Allen, who played her last, is not interested in returning, as her film and television career is pretty steady. The new Laura would be a love interest for Aiden. If JR stays he may be tested with Laura as well, in a play on the Adam / Brooke relationship.

- viewers aren't going to be thrilled with the big revelation that Miranda is alive... Bianca will not go off on Babe as most would like to see - in fact she claims to understand Babe's motivations.

- Julia Barr will be bumped to recurring by spring. I am sorry to be the bearer of this bad news, as she is a truly gifted actress.

If these are true, AMC may have lost my faith completely.

Also for anyone who hasn't seen the OLTL scene with Bianca and Kendall, you can find links to some wmv clips of it at the BaBi board (Kinks thread) here: (made by Donna from the BAM board.)
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"- If Babe is not raped, Kendall will be date raped, it will be the first step in putting Ryan and Kendall back together again. Viewer response to Ryan and Greenlee has been all negative, or even worse - indifferent."

Yes. Yes. Yes, please. I'm holding out hope for this one.

The only one that truly pissed me off is the recurring of Julia Barr and Bianca not going off on Babe.
*laughs* Personally I'm not sure if most of Rylee feedback has been bad (I don't like it but I've seen a decent percentage of people say they do) and same goes with Babe, so that alone makes me uncertain of the validity of these claims.

But yes, I would hate Julie Barr to be bumped especially because I'd love to see them explore the brooke/adam angle more/again.
this is all crap. (not saying they aren't true or trying to offend you), but i hate these storylines!

what's with the idea of rape? and kendall? stop it.

and for those leaving/coming back - bobby isn't even considered a character now. and jr? i doubt that. and HOW is laura allen's career taken off, WHAT has she been in?

don't worry- i'm not actually posing these questions to you, just ranting that I HATE THESE IDEAS! and hope to high heaven that they are far from true.
LOL no, believe me. My reaction is pretty much the same. I'm like "dear god, stop with the rape!" "JR leaving? Please no." "Bianca forgiving Babe, what on earth!"

You're right. This is all crap. Because either it's "crap" in the sense that it's bogus and not going to happen. Or it's crap because it's a crappy idea to actually make happen. So I'm 100% in your boat.

I just sort of thought it was interesting to read. I just hope to god it's all false. :)


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And okay, David and Krystal get together. That doesn't make David Jamie's father-in-law...
If David & Krystal became a couple... David would BE Jamie's father in law.. if he and Babe ever got married one day.


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Okay. I actually, literally wretched when I read this: - viewers aren't going to be thrilled with the big revelation that Miranda is alive... Bianca will not go off on Babe as most would like to see - in fact she claims to understand Babe's motivations.

Those are so horrible. I will never, never, never watch this show again if that is true. And regardless of what happens to Babe, I will NEVER sympathize with her, EVER. That's a very cheap and pathetic maneuver and would be a true testament to how talentless McTavish is.

If she were a good writer in the first place we would already feel sympathy for Babe instead of hatred. She inadvertently created a villain and in the end my us sympathize with her intended "villain." And I don't know what crack she was smoking that made her think Rylee was a good idea.

Or Kendall getting raped? Why? Because ALL the Kane women must share that experience? What the hell kind of lame piece of....we've already seen Kendall broken by a man. How many times are we going to be forced to watch that happen? And date rape? So that means Ethan will rape her? So because we love Kendall and Ethan and hate Rylee she's going to destroy another two characters? WTF????????????????
Or Kendall getting raped? Why? Because ALL the Kane women must share that experience?
Did I not tell you McTrash was going to do that?


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Another rape storyline and I'm gone.
Enough with the tortured females.
Every single one of these points makes me not want to watch. TV should not be this frustrating.

And if Bianca understands Babe, it is seriously time to stop watching. That would be the most anticlimatic ending to this storyline that we have waited patiently for.
Exactly. The only reason I have watched through this crap is to see the payoff (and Days of Our Lives has not gotten any better). If there is no payoff there is no point to the show.

I can't take this much longer, seriously. o__
I'm not saying I believe any of that is true, but...

Viewer response to Ryan and Greenlee has been all negative, or even worse - indifferent.
Well what the hell did they expect? Greenlee and Ryan got married to stick it to Kendall. And we are expected to believe this crap about them falling in love? I don't think so, McTrash.
i wish i didn't read this :9

no no no...if they have Kendall get raped I will kill somebody. if Jr leaves the show, I will kill somebody, if Babe becomes some "heroine" i will again, kill somebody. and please, for the love of god, no Ryan and Kendall. Kendall and Ethan or Kendall and JR or Kendall and 'idontneednoeffingman' is fine with me but not Ryan again. He only brings her down.

The only part I liked in all of this was the brining back of Laura English. She was the best lovetohate character that I can remember in this show. Maybe they'll bring leo back too while they're at it ;)
these rumors are so frustrating :(

i never know whether to vomit now when rylee scenes are on or not; cause at first i liked them, i liked them from way back but did not want them to be together when leo was there, there's no competition with LEO &i was tired of the way kendall &ryan treated eachother [i also liked them in the beginning too] &i've never wanted ryan to go bankrupt &reunite with kendall morethanever. i miss the motel rat beer drinking tshirt wearing bastard, this rank amatuer asshole adam imitation is annoying. but i have absolutely no faith in the writing so i don't know what to think. &i don't want to see her get raped ever, some creepy motel guy &michael already tried it since she's been back. NO.

babe will never be a heroine in my eyes. :/

as if a SERIOUSLY letter and e-mail campaign is in order.

It's time these people knew that certain storylines DON'T go over with the viewers.

Let's hope these are rumors being floated out by the writers to see how we'd respond to them
I think Jonathan should be raped. And pillaged. And dragged through the streets w/ mud all over him.

And be put in the stocks.

Along with Mary.

Dumb bitch.
I like Jonathan. Because I wouldn't mind him killing Ryan. And he's cute too.

I also like Mary. I wish she were bumped up to contract, then she could marry Adam.


12 years ago

What the hell is this bullshit?? I am thinking I may not want to watch if Kendall gets raped, and Kendall and Ryan become an item again(no one wants them together as much as we dont want Rylee, well maybe I could speak for myself but I adore Ethan and Kendall, he deserves her not Ryan.) These spoilers are worse than what is going on now!
I can't even find the words to describe what is going through my head after reading that. Dear God, Jacob Young better not leave. Although, can you blame him?! The show sucks right now. And Julia Barr on recurring??? Is that why we're seeing a teensy bit more of her now? If Laura is coming back, then Brooke has to stay... and I'm sorry, but Aiden is mine, Laura can't have him. :)

I won't even go into the baby switch. My heart can't handle it.
Oh come on please share with this Laura at least. LOL :)

personally i think it has been enough years and i think they should bring back the one person that could possibily save JR...and that person is...anybody now....anybody....breuller...brueller...


i say bring dixie back....hell they did it with tad...did it with maria...bring back dixie!!!!!

find some way to bring her back...whether it is cady mclain or not...
If she came back, I would so love to see her kick Krystal's ass, since she's such a cheap knock off of Dixie. I don't think JR needs saving, he has every right to be so damn bitter with Babe being such a hoe and a liar. LOL!

Though Dixie back in Pine Valley would be fun. Though I don't think it would be fun if it was anyone but Cady. It would be the equivalent of trying to bring in a new actress for Laura on GH. Just pure sacrilige. LOL!
This sounds right up McRapist's alley.

God I hope it's not true. I can't take another rape storyline. The reasoning behind Voldemort was that it would bring the Kane women together, or at least Kinks. (I remember a quote from the hack herself, something about the rape being a love story between sisters, but in the non-Kinksy way, unfortunately.)

If they screw up a character's sympathy factor, I don't think punishing them is the answer. I am NOT going to care for a character I don't like being on the screen more, crying all.the.time. (Babe anyone? Binks has the tears, but the writers like overkill.)

Rape shouldn't be viewed as a romantic plot device. Make folks bond over things like surviving being trapped in a cave or one saving the other's life. Something self-sacrificing or noble, not mental torture and sexual assault. Voldemort didn't make viewers like Bianca. We already did. It made us hate Asshat much much more.

Sorry for the novel. I have a problem with McTrash's "Rape is Love" mentality. (Where is that colorbar?)
Bwahaha! McRapist. Good one.

And you're right. I'm tired of rape being used as a device in soaps. I can't believe McTavish has such a screwed up view of the act. It is really sickening. I'm glad the widespread phenomenon in soaps of victims marrying their rapists has slowed down in recent years.

I love this thread because each time I check back it has grown exponentially.


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How do we get MM fired? Is there a way to do that?

I'm starting to think the woman needs to be raped herself before she'll stop the insanity. I can understand exploring the rape storyline once in a while. But as someone who has *been* raped, doesn't she realize that she's going too far? Geeze.
The woman is a pigheaded jerk.
No shit.
As a woman who was almost raped the LAST thing I want to do is watch it on T.V. over and over and over...
*screams* I'm thinking I might stop watching All My Children, and just stick with OLTL if this is all going to become true...

is there anywhere that we could write to AMC and express our feelings about these possible stories. because if we can and there are enough of us (like this whole community) that are against a lot of this stuff, maybe the feedback could get their attention or something.